In Imageshop, all users can subscribe to a category or spesific search to receive a notification by e-mail when new files are uploaded that match the search they have saved. 

1. In the search panel to the left, click on the category or write in the searchword you want to save.
2.Click "Save search" at the bottom left.


3. Give your search a name and tick for "Alert me by e-mail on new assets"

To see all your saved searches, click on the menu item "saved searches"

- Click "Search" to see all images that match 

- You can share the search with another user by clicking "share search" he / she will also be notified of new files. 

- You can rename the search by clicking "Change name"
- You can also delete the search when you no longer need notification, or turn off the notifications by unchecking "send notificationby e-mail for new files"