In admin you can add, edit and delete categories. Not everyone has access to this feature. If you should have the opportunity to do so, contact and we will give you access. 

1. Go to admin -

2. Touch “Edit” -> “Categories”

3. Press "Top category" and you will see the users that have access to edit the categories.

To add categories:

4. Press “Add main category” and enter the name of the category, if you have several languages you must fill in for each language.

5. Click "Save changes". 

6. To add sub category, click on the category name you want to add a sub category for.

7. Clikc "+ Sub categories" and write the name of the sub category. Remember translation to all langauges. 

8. Click "Save changes"

9. You can drag and drop categories to change the order. This works for both main categories an sub categories. 

To delete categories: 

1. To delete a category, you first need to delete all sub categories.

2. Click on the name of the category, if sub categories opens, click on the name of one sub category.

3. You will now see a "delete" button under the category name translations:

4. Click the "Delete" button. 

5. You will now get a pop-up asking if you want to delete current category. Click "Delete".