You can easily create new users in the administration.

1. Go to admin -

2. Click on "Edit" -> "Users"

3. Here you get a list of all users in the solution, you can click "export" and get a list in excel. You can also use the free text field to search for a specific user.

4. Click “Add User new user”.

5. Add Name, Company, Email and Initials.

6. Under "Settings" you can choose which type of user it should be (see HERE for an explanation of these), which language should be the default and how many images should be displayed on the page.

7. At the bottom, select which interface the person should have access to.

8. Check the box for “approved” if he / she is to have access.

9. Click on “direct download” if he / she is to be able to download an image directly in the front-end.

10. Press "save" and the person will receive an e-mail where he / she can set a password, and will have access.